The Facilitators

We invite you to gain in-depth understanding from leading experts on the application of state-of-the-art proteomic technologies to your life-sciences research.

Prof Michael MacCoss

Professor of Genome Sciences whose research group’s long-term focus is to implement technologies robust enough to handle the automated high-throughput characterization of human clinical samples.

Prof Olga Vitek

Dr. Olga Vitek is a Professor in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. Her lab explores synergies between statistical science and machine learning, as applied to quantitative large-scale mass spectrometry-based investigations, to understand the functioning of living organisms. 

Prof Bernhard Kuster

Full Professor at TUM and principal investigator of the German Cancer Consortium DKTK, with a research focus on proteomics and precision medicine. and questions relating to the molecular mechanisms of therapeutic drugs and cancer for clinical treatment. 

Prof Jesper V Olsen

Professor and Deputy Head of the Novo Nordisk Centre for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen. The Olsen group has a long-standing interest in applying their proteomics technology developments to systems-wide analyses of dynamic post-translational modifications such as site-specific phosphorylation that regulate essentially all cellular signal transduction pathways.

Prof Kathryn Lilley

Professor and Head of Cambridge Centre for Proteomics with a group focus on the development and application of technologies which enable the measurement of the dynamic proteome in space and time in cells in a high-throughput manner.

PD Dr Ute Distler

A research associate at the Institute for Immunology, Mainz University, Ute manages the core facility for mass spectrometry with a research focus on developing, optimising and applying methods for quantitative proteome analysis.

Prof David Tabb

Professor and visiting researcher at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, with a research interest in the fields of bioinformatics and biostatistics as applied to biomarker discovery and verification, which were established in collaboration with the CPTAC cancer research consortium in the USA.

Prof Florian Meier

Junior professor at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany. The groups main research ocus is to enable functional proteome analysis as a technology platform for translational research.

Prof Lars Juhl Jensen

Professor at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen and a founder and scientific advisor of the company ZS Intomics. Prof Jensen has developed methods for protein function prediction, visualization of microbial genomes, pattern recognition in promoter regions, and microarray analysis. More recently he has implemented tools for text mining, integration of omics data, and network analysis.

Dr Fabia Simona

Scientific Business Development Manager at Biognosys. Fabia works in the Biognosys Products Team, working closely with the R&D department to support customers’ research and contribute to the development of Biognosys’ business.

Dorte B. Bekker-Jensen

Senior Scientist in the Application Development team at Evosep Biosystems. Prior to this, she was working for ten years as a mass spectrometry specialist under the guidance of Professor Jesper V. Olsen with the aim to develop efficient workflows for high-throughput proteomics and phosphoproteomics.

Prof Allan Stensballe

Dr Allan Stensballe heads the Precision medicine part of the Translational Biomarkers for Pain and Precision Medicine research group at Aalborg University in Denmark. His research group aims to unravel the molecular mechanisms of autoimmune disorders by application of proteomics to detect potential biomarkers for patient subtyping, and predicting treatment outcomes.

Dr Nicolai Bache

Head of Applications at Evosep where he leads the technology and application development. Evosep aims to make clinical proteomics 100 times more robust and 10 times faster by radically innovating sample preparation and separation prior to MS analysis.

Dr Stoyan Stoychev

Stoyan is the Head of Proteomics at ReSyn Biosciences where he leads the development of sample preparation technology for mass spectrometry and proteomics. ReSyn aims to automate sample preparation using magnetic beads,  making it more robust and routine, thereby enabling inter-lab co-operation and clinical applications of proteomics.

Devon Kohler

Devin Kohler is a doctoral student at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University, advised by Olga Vitek. His doctoral research focuses on computational methods for biological systems, including causal machine learning and statistical inference to detect and quantify differential post-translational modifications, and the probabilistic programming of biochemical systems.

Dr Nick Morrice

Senior Specialist Support Proteomics and Global Proteomics Applications Lead at SCIEX, where he focuses on support of the zenoTOF 7600, and improving throughput for both DDA and Swath analyis of complex biological samples. 

Kristina Jurcic

Application Scientist at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., vendor of PEAKS software. PEAKS is a comprehensive, vendor-neutral, proteomics tool to provide systematic identification and quantification of peptides/proteins in a complex protein mixture using tandem mass spectrometry.